Speech & Hearing Services

The Speech Department of St. Francis de Sales School provides service to all students.

This department provides individualized speech and language therapy and auditory and speech-reading training to the students in each department. The department not only focuses its activities on individualized therapy, but also offers services to the classroom teachers. In this respect, classroom teachers are kept informed of the goals being worked on in individual therapy sessions and have a model to follow in order to incorporate these goals into the student’s use of speech and language. This cooperative effort contributes greatly toward overall speech skills development.

– Individual FM Transmitters: Each speech therapist uses individual FM transmitters to make maximum use of every student’s residual hearing through his/her auditory trainers.

– Student with cochlear implants: Students receive daily speech therapy in order to maximize their auditory development.

– Special Computers: The Speech Department makes use of special computers which visually display the components of speech, pitch and rhythm.

– Audiological Services: Audiological services are provided to all students.

– Evaluations: All students are evaluated at intake and on an ongoing basis as appropriate.