Lower School


Students ages three and four are in the preschool. The goal is to provide a well-rounded program, based on the developmental needs and skills of the very young child. All classrooms have FM amplification units. Students receive individual speech therapy provided by a speech therapist three to five times a week based on the individual needs of the child.

The focus of the Preschool is to:

– Develop communication skills.
– Develop students’ cognitive, gross and fine motor skills.
– Ensure social-emotional growth and independence.
– Develop early reading, writing and math skills.

Special emphasis is placed on the development of language, speech, speech-reading and auditory skills. Classroom teachers and speech teachers focus on development of these skills in individualized and group activities throughout the day.


Students ages five to nine are taught in self contained classes with an average of six students with one teacher and one teacher assistant. All classrooms have FM applification units. Students receive individual speech therapy.

Students follow a curriculum based on New York State standards in:

– Language Arts
– Math
– Science
– Social Students

Students also have classes in Art, Physical Education, Library Instruction and Computer Instruction.