Early Intervention

The staff at St. Francis will be very happy to help and answer your questions concerning your infants hearing loss. The Parent Infant Program teaches you to:

– Communicate with your infant
– Help your infant communicate with others
– Help your infant to socialize

Can my infant be tested for hearing loss?

Yes, no infant is too young to be tested for a hearing loss.

Can an early intervention program benefit my infant?

– Yes, our program provides an ideal learning environment for hearing impaired infants. Infancy is a crucial time for learning to take place.

Will my infant learn to communicate?

– Yes, whether a parent chooses our total communication approach or oral approach, our program provides speech therapy and auditory training to develop your infants communication skills. The total communication approach includes sign language instruction for you and your family.

Should my infant wear hearing aids?

– Yes

Can you provide services if my infant has a cochlear implant?

– Yes, at St. Francis, we realize that each infant is unique. The infant with the cochlear
implant will have a program designed to meet his/her individual needs.