Instructional Support

St. Francis’ instructional support program is guided by Reuven Feuerstein’s theory of Structured Cognitive Modifiability as the school implements the New York State Curricula in all academic areas. This theory of development describes how children develop their cognitive skills through Mediated Learning Experiences. It assists children in becoming active learners.

Mediated Learning Lessons are planned throughout the instructional day in all grades in all subject areas. The application of this theory is also carried out in Grades Four to Eight through the instrumental Enrichment Program which focuses on the development of specific cognitive skills.

Ongoing staff development is provided through the Institute for Mediated Learning at the Lexington School for the Deaf.


Underlying our interaction with each student is our firm belief that this is a unique individual who is first and foremost a child. This child is to be treated with warmth, acceptance and respect, regardless of the nature and degree of the disability.


Parents are an integral part of their child’s education. Parents are actively involved in the IEP process and are encouraged to observe their child in class and participate in parent education programs.